Scientific Translating
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Working with us
When you have a document or project you need translated, edited, or created, you can submit the pertinent information on our Contact page.  Please give us a summary of your objectives, the audience you are addressing, samples of available resource materials or past related projects, and the documents to be processed.

If you are not certain about what information and/or support documentation is appropriate, please contact us for our submittal form.
We calculate translation projects by the source language word, on a custom, i.e., job by job basis.  All other projects are billed on an hourly basis, starting with a written estimate in proposal form [with a cap].  Your written Purchase Order is required before we begin the project and in some cases a deposit may be required.  Other terms and conditions are detailed on our proposal.

While our rates are highly competitive, they are commensurate with the high standards we maintain as well as the experience and expertise of the professionals we work with.  Our clientele appreciates these qualities and we believe this approach conserves their resources in the long term.
We have worked with a wide variety of top corporations, research hospitals and universities, international and domestic pharmaceutical companies, researchers, authors, medical and science professionals, NGO's, agencies and governmental bodies, among many other organisations.  Your project will be treated with the utmost care and in strict confidentiality.

References and samples of past projects are available upon request.

Because of the high quality of our services, we do not accept rush projects.